HealthAge pays particular attention to the development of complementary and transferable skills in the areas of scientific writing and presentation skills, project management, bioethics, animal welfare, entrepreneurship and technology transfer, as well as web-based data integration approaches. Training will be provided at three levels:

Level I. Scientific writing and presentation skills: on a continuous basis, there are several opportunities for perfecting scientific writing and presentation skills through participation of the ESRs in local group meetings and journal clubs, as well as through network-wide meetings and international conferences. Training in manuscript and proposal writing is also part of the local individual research-driven training activity as the ESRs are expected to write-up their own results for publication and future fellowship applications with direct guidance by their supervisors.

Level II. Structured courses held independently of the Network by local organisations (e.g. Institutes, Universities) at the sites of participating labs. In EU, it is now obligatory that researchers working with animals must attend courses on animal welfare. Moreover, many institutions hold regular workshops or seminars on technology transfer or scientific writing. ESRs are required to attend such courses wherever these are available locally.

Level III. Structured courses organized by the Network are organized as one-day events (with the exception of the Animal Welfare course) around scheduled meetings such as the Annual Network Meeting and the workshops.


-The Project Management Course took place via teleconference on June 18, at 10:00 am CET (Berlin time). The presentation in .pdf can be found here: HealthAge_Project_Management_Course.pdf