Christina Efraimoglou
Christina EfraimoglouUCO (B. Schumacher group)
ESR1: “Longevity assurance mechanisms and the DNA damage response”
Alessia De Masi
Alessia De MasiEPFL (J. Auwerx group)
ESR2: “Novel interactions between genes and nutrition in aged”
Lale Gungordu
Lale GungorduERIBA (E. Nollen group)
ESR3: “Identification of biological mechanisms that drive age-related protein toxicity”
Dikaia Tsagkari
Dikaia TsagkariFORTH (N. Tavernarakis group)
ESR4: “Mitophagy in neuronal physiology and neurodegeneration during ageing”
Louise-Marie Craigie
Louise-Marie CraigieBiozentrum (M. Hall group)
ESR5: “The role of arginine metabolism in mTOR signaling during ageing and cancer”
Marco Raffaelli
Marco RaffaelliIRCAN (E. Gilson group)
ESR6: “Role of telomeres in neuronal ageing”
Vivian Kalamara
Vivian KalamaraFORTH (G. Garinis group)
ESR7: “Chronic inflammation and metabolic reprogramming during ageing”
Yann Frey
Yann FreyTAU (Yosef Shiloh group)
ESR8: “The impact of genome instability in cellular senescence and ageing”
Akrivi Daskalaki
Akrivi DaskalakiUNIL (Nikoletopoulou group)
ESR9: “Phenotypic analysis of progeroid mice under dietary restriction and pharmacological interventions”
Erwan Rivire
Erwan RivireUniPD (L. Scorrano group)
ESR10: “The role of Opa1-dependent mitochondrial cristae remodelling in age-related diseases”
Valentina Ramponi
Valentina RamponiIRB (M. Serrano group)
ESR11: “Development of senolytic strategies against age-related diseases”
Alastair Maxwell
Alastair MaxwellGenevia
ESR12: “Development of novel bioinformatics algorithms to integrate multi-dimensional datasets for a systems biological view on ageing”
Rajat Bucha
Rajat BuchaLXRepair
ESR13: “Development of miniaturized DNA repair assays for animal models of ageing”
Dionysia Skea
Dionysia SkeaProtATonce
ESR14: “Signalling and secretome analysis for biomarker discovery and compound evaluation during ageing”
David Liaskos
David LiaskosNagi Bioscience
ESR15: “Evaluation of nutraceuticals against age-related diseases”